Clinical Analysis Laboratory

Analytical tests with same day results

The Clinical Analysis Laboratory is a centralized service run by specialized personnel with many years’ experience in the sector. Since its inception in 1995, the Laboratory has deployed continuously its healthcare and technological services over the years, assimilating the latest scientific breakthroughs, with the aim of being always on the cutting edge. Strict quality control, both internal and external, guarantees the reliability of our results.
Its organizational structure as an emergency laboratory makes possible the immediate delivery of the results, on the same day of blood withdrawal, with the exception of a number of special tests.

The laboratory service also offers its services as provider for professionals and institutions of the health sector.

Test catalog

In our Clinical Analysis Laboratory there are five main areas, including: medical biochemistry, hematology, immunology, microbiology and nutrition. Each of these provides an extensive panel of conventional tests and other specific tests with usually limited availability.

Our special tests have a shorter turnaround time than most laboratories in the country, preventing situations of uncertainty and delays in the requesting of other tests required for your diagnosis.

Our co-operation, on both a scientific and clinical level, with other renowned Spanish and international laboratories enables us to perform rarely-prescribed, highly specialized tests.

Specific Panels

Our activity is carried out on both clinical and research levels. Over these past years we have developed several exclusive, specific profiles directed toward the diagnosis and monitoring of high-prevalence pathologies, which provide information supplementary to that yielded by the tests commonly used.

All our profiles are personalized and include an easily-understood graphic report and a self-explaining dossier of the parameters selected, with their clinical implications. This information will enable the correct management of the patient and his/her disease.

Food Sensitivity

The sensitivity test, or Food Intolerance Screening (FIS) is a test that assesses our body’s immune reaction to certain foodstuffs which might be causing us chronic problems without our realizing it.


The laboratory, in addition to its healthcare duties, carries out notable scientific activity. Our team undertakes the design and development of our own R&D&I projects. Throughout our track record we have taken part in many national and international scientific projects and in clinical trials financed by the pharmaceutical industry. Our scientific activity is centered on the study of possible diagnostic and risk biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia. The most recent studies performed were directed toward the study of serum beta-amyloid protein, the role of oxidative stress (nitric oxide) and the characterization of vascular risk in dementia. Currently, we have addressed the field of nutrition with the study of the clinical-biochemical properties of a number of nutraceuticals presently on the market.