Personalized Medicine

Our aim is to implement a personalized medicine focused on early diagnosis and prevention

Pioneers in Personalized Medicine

The EuroEspes Biomedical Research Center, with a track record of 25 years, is a global pacesetter in the implementation of a Personalized Medicine based on knowledge of the Human Genome.

Practical innovators

Since our founding in 1991, we have invested in research and development processes in order to expedite the practical application of scientific breakthroughs for the benefit of people’s health.

The Genomic Medicine Department and the Institute of Medical Sciences and Genomic Medicine at the EuroEspes Medical Center places at people’s disposal our Genomic Medicine services, based on knowledge of the Human Genome, for predictive, diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

The great breakthroughs provided by Genomic Medicine to medical specialties are confined to three areas:

  • Etiopathogeny
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment


Currently, less than 10% of the primary causes determining a disease in the human species are known. Structural and functional genomics, epigenetics, transcriptomics and metabolomics are modern disciplines at the forefront of science which today provide us with greater accuracy in our knowledge of the causes of diseases. If we are aware of the endogenous and exogenous factors that cause a disease, we will be able to diagnose it accurately and to personalize the treatment.


Most of the diseases that affect the human species, at any age, but particularly those which represent 80% of worldwide morbidity-mortality (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, brain disorders), gradually destroy our organism decades before the symptoms appear.

The goal of Genomic Medicine is to implement the use of Biomarkers to aid in predicting the risk of a disease many years before it becomes apparent.

This Predictive Diagnosis is the only way we are able to implement Personalized Prevention Programs to delay the onset of the disease or to prevent it, where this is possible. At the same time, Genomic Medicine possesses a series of Biomarkers for the performance of Early Diagnosis, in order to treat each patient correctly, and as rapidly and efficiently as possible.


One of the great breakthroughs of Genomic Medicine is the implementation of Personalized Treatment, adapted to the genetic profile of each patient.

No drug acts in the same way in all patients.

The actual efficacy of most drugs is about 20-30%; in over 60-70% of cases, the drugs are ineffective or toxic. Using Pharmacogenomic procedures, it is possible to optimize drug use, improving the efficacy and reducing the toxicity of over 60-80% of the drugs commonly used in any medical specialty.
The EuroEspes Medical Center places at the disposal of its patients the Smart Pharmacogenetic Card, the use of which provides an individual with the possibility of knowing, together with his/her prescribing physician, the drugs he/she may take and those which should be avoided.

Specialized in your health

  • Genomic Medicine applied to risk prediction and the early diagnosis of diseases.
  • Pharmacogenomics: Personalization of drug treatment in accordance with the individual genetic profile.
  • Development and manufacture of health-beneficial nutraceutical Bioproducts.
  • Implementation of Nutrigenomic programs to personalize the diet.

Our Priorities

Among our priorities is the search for efficacious solutions to the serious problem of dementia (Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia), ictus and other degenerative disorders of the nervous system, such as Parkinson’s disease.