Epigenetic Biomarkers

Epigenetics shows the current state of the patient and how different environmental factors (pollution, stress, food, drugs ...) affect the expression of genes involved in different pathological processes.

Epigenetic biomarkers allow for both the detection of diseases and the monitoring of the patient’s response to the different treatments being provided.

The Global DNA Methylation epigenetic test, in liquid biopsy, analyses the levels of global methylation in DNA obtained from samples of the patient's lymphocytes and platelets.

There are various epigenetic modifications, although the best characterised today is DNA methylation. Changes in DNA methylation are associated with neurodegenerative diseases, neoplasms, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular pathologies, and other diseases.

Given that global methylation levels are decreased in neurodegenerative diseases and oncological processes, the test acts as a biomarker for the early diagnosis and monitoring of these pathologies.

The EuroEspes Centre has a PyroMark Q48 pyrosequencer.

This kit allows the quantification of methylation frequencies at specific CpG sites, thus allowing the identification of small changes in methylation levels. Pyrosequencing is thus the ideal technique for DNA methylation analysis. This technology is used to correlate DNA methylation with tumour types and gene expressions, to measure the response to treatment with demethylating drugs, and to analyse changes in methylation in tumour processes, exposure to toxins, neurodegenerative disorders, etc.

We offer the possibility of analysing the expression of genes of interest on demand.

Note: this service is offered to companies and research centres.

Using RT-qPCR techniques we can analyse gene expression and thus determine whether a gene of interest is expressed or not, whether a drug treatment induces or inhibits its expression, etc.

We offer the possibility to analyse the expression of genes of interest on demand.

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