Digital Diagnostics

Real-time study of brain function.

The data obtained in the tests carried out by the Digital Diagnostics Department provide valuable information for the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological and psychiatric diseases, being essential in the case of epilepsy, dementia, cerebrovascular accidents and psychosis, among others.

Brain mapping

Brain Mapping

A non-invasive technique that offers diagnostic advantages in various brain diseases and helps to monitor the therapeutic response in a comfortable and efficient way, without any risk.

Tests available:
- Brain Mapping
- Electroencephalogram
- Sleep Study and Nocturnal Recording

Optical topography

Optical Brain Topography

Evaluation of brain function, detection of ischaemic focality or cortical dysfunction and monitoring of response to drugs or any stimulus affecting brain activity.

Tests available:
- Temporo-Parietal + Occipital Topography.
- Temporo-Parietal Topography
- Occipital Topography
- Frontal Topography

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Recording of brain activity by pathology:

Mapping Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer Cartography
Mapping Parkinson’s
Parkinson cartography
Mapping Anxiety
Anxiety Mapping
Mapping Depression
Depression Mapping
Mapping Epilepsy
Epilepsy mapping
Mapping Strokes
Ictus mapping
Depression Mapping
Depression Mapping
Anxiety Mapping
Anxiety Mapping

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