80% of people metabolize medications poorly.

What is Pharmacogenetics?

Pharmacogenetics arose from the meeting of two disciplines: pharmacology, and genetics. These disciplines joined forces to solve the same problem: the different response of individuals to a particular drug.

Pharmacogenetics provides a personalised profile that determines which drugs we can take, which ones to avoid and at what doses they are most effective for each individual.

Who hasn't ever had a pill that unexpectedly did them harm? Ibuprofen, omeprazole, and contraceptives are widely used drugs that do not have the same results in all people and, while some react to them as indicated on the package insert, with others they do not work, or they generate much more serious adverse effects than the initial ailment they were intended to treat.

Variable response

What is Pharmacogenetics for?

To personalize drug treatments and avoid: 

  • Risky interactions
  • Adverse reactions
  • Therapeutic ineffectiveness

Types of drug response, which type do you belong to?

Only 25% of the population metabolizes drugs normally.

Normal metabolisers pharmacogenetics
Intermediate metabolisers pharmacogenetics
Ultra fast metabolisers
Slow metabolisers

PGx-60/4000 Intelligent Pharmacogenetics Smart Card

The world's most advanced bioinformatics product with its personalized pharmacogenetic profile.

The Pharmacogenetics Card is the result of the study of the 60 genes involved in the response to the most widely used drugs today(more than 1,200) . This allows us to personalise the prescription of medications, adapting them to individual characteristics of the person to whom the card belongs, and avoiding risky interactions, adverse reactions, or therapeutic ineffectiveness.

What information do Pharmacogenetic tests provide us with?


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