Clinical Analysis Laboratory

Same-day results.

The EuroEspes Clinical Analysis Laboratory has a long history in both clinical care and research.

What sets us apart

  • Immediate delivery of results, on the same day of extraction
  • At the forefront of analytical testing and equipment
  • Highly qualified staff with many years of experience in the sector
  • Reliability of results guaranteed by both internal and external quality controls.
  • Customised services for health professionals and institutions
  • Immediate incorporation of the latest scientific advances into the clinical services offered
Catalogue-laboratory tests

Analytical tests
with immediate results

Extensive catalogue of analytical tests with results on the same day, avoiding situations of uncertainty or delays in diagnosis or treatment.

Lab specific panels

Biopanels for prevalent pathologies

Development of exclusive analytical profiles aimed at risk, diagnosis and monitoring of highly prevalent pathologies: brain/cardiovascular, nervous system, oxidative stress, osteoporosis, gastric reflux and migraines.

Catalogue-laboratory tests


Kit for the collection of capillary blood samples at home, in a simple and convenient way, without the need to go to a laboratory or collection centre.

Food intolerances

Food sensitivity

The food sensitivity or intolerance test evaluates our body's immunological reaction to certain foods that may be causing common chronic problems.

- Basic Test 88 Food

- Test Plus 211 Food

Food intolerances


Determination of the main neurotransmitters related to clinical alterations of the Central Nervous System (CNS) and at peripheral levels.

- Catecholamines

- Serotonin

– Histamine

Analytical Area

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Our catalogue includes conventional and high performance tests

specialisation with short delivery times for results.


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Leave us your contact information and we will contact you.