Covid-19 genopredictor Euroespes

Alzheimer's Panel

Genetic test to determine the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease (Alzheimer's Predictive Genetics).

Covid-19 genopredictor Euroespes

Parkinson's Panel

Parkinson's genetic risk test that analyses DNA markers related to Parkinson's disease, where the patient's risk profile is defined as the copy carrier status of the risk allele.

Covid-19 genopredictor Euroespes

Cerebrovascular Disease Panel

Cerebrovascular genetic risk test that analyses genetic variants located in genes related to the atherogenic process: lipid metabolism, hypertension, immune response and thrombosis.

Covid-19 genopredictor Euroespes

Predictive Genetics Panels

Genetic test to identify the presence of variations in DNA sequencing in order to assess the genetic risk of developing different diseases.