Food Sensitivity

What is food sensitivity?

The food sensitivity or intolerance test is a laboratory test that evaluates our body's immunological reaction to certain foods that could be causing us frequent chronic problems without suspecting it.


Food sensitivity is a response of immunological origin included in the so-called type I and II hypersensitivity reactions. These reactions are characterised by the exaggerated production of immunocomplexes formed, in this case, by the food antigen and our IgG antibodies.


In compromised digestive and/or immune systems, these complexes can enter the circulation and deposit throughout the body, causing inflammation, which can lead to a multitude of symptoms such as fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, migraine or obesity.


Several scientific studies link food sensitivities to an increase in IgG antibodies by the immune system following the ingestion of certain foods.

The test determines the levels of specific antibodies (IgG) present in each individual for each of the foods tested. When foods with a high antibody response (positive foods) are eliminated from the diet, the hypersensitivity reactions cease and, consequently, the resulting symptoms disappear.

What are the advantages of our tests?

  • Vegetarian-friendly panels are available
    You can choose between 4 different panels.
  • Increased fiability: analyses each foodstuff in duplicate
  • Uses state-of-the-art microarray technology
  • Low blood volume requirement
  • Capillary extraction by finger prick, without the need for venipuncture.
  • Affordable prices
  • Report includes alternatives to the forbidden foods that will help you design your new diet in a balanced way.
  • Easily interpretable graphical report with foods classified in four colours (green, yellow, orange and red) according to degree of sensitivity.

What is our food sensitivity test?

Our food sensitivity test is a laboratory test using an enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) technique that reveals the presence of elevated levels of specific IgG in the blood against a range of food antigens covering almost the entire diet of an individual.


The elimination of foods against which high levels of IgG have been detected will result in the cessation of hypersensitivity reactions and, consequently, the disappearance of the resulting symptoms.

What testing options do we offer?

In our test catalogue we offer 4 types of panels according to the needs of each person:

  • S/+ Basic: 88 foods of the Mediterranean diet
  • S/+ 132: 132 full-diet foods
  • S/+ V150: 155 foods of ovo-dairy vegetarian diet
  • S/+ 200: 206 full-diet foods

Do I need a venipuncture to perform the test?

No. You can perform the collection at home with a finger prick using the kit we provide. This kit includes simple instructions to help you through the process.


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